Cntrl Alt Delete Hate: Technologists and Activists Join Forces Over One Weekend to Combat Hate

No one at last weekend’s Cntrl Alt Delete Hate Hackathon was hacking standard fare applications––rather, participants worked around the clock building tools for good. Activists were joined by developers, designers and entrepreneurs, and magic ensued.

Our mission at We Persist is to bring people together — particularly those who far too often find themselves relegated to the sideline — to embrace and engage in our own democracy. We were beyond proud of the diverse crowd of CADHH participants, many partaking in their first-ever hackathon, cranking for 24 straight hours to develop a range of solutions to combat hatred and bigotry.

One doesn’t normally think of activists and technologists as having much in common. CADHH technology partners turned that assumption on its head. We were blessed to partner with so many in the tech community who are fully onboard and willing to show up for social change, including Tech Stands Up, ThoughtWorks and AngelHack.

Coder Candida showing off some sweet threads

The winning team, “Amplify Amplify” helped Indivisible SF expand their mobile tool (Amplify) to the web with a widget designed to embed in third-party websites to enable quick and easy calls-to-action.

Winners take the stage

“We Persist rallied together a team to build a web embed for Amplify Indivisible SF — the team had the grit to work through the night, and win the event!” said Ted Suzman, digital lead for Indivisible SF.

Big props to the follow-up winners of Team, Verofied, who created an iOS app and a Chrome extension to combat fake news.

Team Verofied celebrates with judges.

There was no shortage of great ideas, from an encrypting message app to allow teens to engage in constructive (rather than hurtful dialogue), to a tool to help immigrants locate responsive legal aid. “There’s so much energy. If we can execute on half of these ideas, we can change the country” exclaimed Diliwar Syed, President of Freshdesk and CADHH judge (pictured, far right.)

Since election day, we have experienced an unprecedented groundswell of activism coming from everywhere — from ordinary citizens to unexpected quarters, like tech. Let’s nurture and encourage this newfound passion as much as we can, there is work to be done.