Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

“Just tell them how you left your job working 90 hours a week at a hedge fund to join a startup to disrupt the industry.”

I replied:

“Actually, I left my job working 40 hours a week at a hedge fund to work 90 hours a week at a startup.”

But at least the pay is multiples less…

It’s weird when you think about it.

Why is it that working multiples harder on things I’m not nearly as good at doing building something that hardly exists is so much more fulfilling than working way less for way more money at a prestigious and established company?

It is so hard to articulate exactly what it is, but there is such a powerful feeling that comes from creating something out of nothing.

We have ideas.

We have vision.

We put the ideas into action. Vision into motion.

We make things out of nothing.

Sure we might fail, but this feeling of building something new in the world is so fulfilling.

It is hard.

So much harder than I realized.

Draining in a way that I can only relate to that feeling after a long race or after a week of two-a-days in the Texas sun.

You give it everything. And then more.

And then there is even more.

And as you pick up steam there is even more.

Yet somehow you find a way.

You keep going.

And this feeling of giving more to build something new trumps following some other path.

Walking along a road built by someone else is easier, but forging your own way creates a new destination.

And although I’m early on this new journey…

I am loving every.