Never enough.

David Aron Levine
Progress through sharing.
2 min readJul 16, 2013


If nothing else, these protests show things are not all rosy in America today. There is real pain and anger and people have had enough of what they see as a system that isn’t working in their favor. We see the frustration of feeling like a system works for some and not others. That it isn’t fair that you are judged for things as basic as the color of your skin or where you come from. That race still matters.

But we also see the heart of a nation of fighters and rebels. We were built on the backs of people who, when they thought things were wrong, rallied and roared and came together to make something new. They built an entire country on the idea that because we were all created equal, we demand more. We demand the kind of country where we have rallies in the streets to protest things that we think are unfair.

Because we know that we can do better.

Our system is imperfect. That young boys get shot and people get treated differently based on things like race shows us that.

But that we are having this debate and seeing this passion rage healthily across the country in the same month that we debate other issues fundamental to our nation is what makes our system the best that ever was.

That we aren’t satisfied with the imperfections that remain is what makes us worthy of being part of it.