The lack of Nuance in the Webs

The Internetsphere seems pretty polarized nowadays. Our political parties and upcoming election jump out, but that is only one example. Whether in the increasing dialogue about race and gender or the success and failure of startups or even things like that swimmer dude, our conversations seem so binary.

But reality isn’t.

Reality is not Red or Blue, it is grey and off-white.

There are probably many reasons why our conversations “On the line” are so polarized. I blame the dying old media grasping for straws. Others blame the tweets and book-face posts.

Maybe it’s these devices.

We are left to them. In our hands they take over our attention spans.

They disintegrate.

We lose track of whatever it was before. But BAM you get the attention with a click-bait hate-filled headline.

Or maybe it is because nuance is kinda complicated to convey.

Like it takes some time to think. To spell it out. To carry the point all the way home that the reason it matters that we speak in nuance is about respect. It is about honoring our individuality and the freedom of speech and thought that makes us each unique.

That the whole point of these free webs is to spark dialogue and sharing and learning from one another. That when we do it can actually make the real entire whole-world-planet a better place.

In between the lines of all that loudness there are voices saying in between things. Quiet unspoken ones that don’t get clicks and aren’t famous.

Maybe we should amplify them more. The purple ones. The nuanced individuals we are.