Sharing.Lab x Urban planning = OURHUB

Hi there dear readers,

It’s been a while and we are sorry for neglecting you! The thing is, something excited has happened, which stole our focus for a (long) moment.

What on earth is this you might think?

In our quest to explore how sharing can empower urban communities, we came up with an idea. It’s a manifestation of our ambition to improve the world a little bit, combined with our passions for play, urban planning and social entrepreneurship. We call it OURHUB.


In short, we want to make cities better places to live in by transforming public spaces into vibrant and playful places for everybody. In order to do so, we have invented a smart urban furniture (IoT) which makes it easy to share objects — such as games and training equipments — in public and shared spaces. The service is linked to a digital and social platform that facilitates spontaneous encounters. In other words: we want to use technology to make people meet in real life!

This way we try to rethink how we interact with each other and form new bonds. We are working with the hypothesis that we connect easier with strangers, when we share a common third — in our case, social objects like games. For individuals, this means increased opportunities to meet and share a great experience with local peers. Hopefully, it will enhance their sense of belonging and their desire to care for their neighbourhood. For cities, it is an attempt to re-think public spaces and transform them into open and vibrant areas. We are part of a global trend seeking to reclaim the streets and move from a car-centric to a citizen-centric way of approaching public space.


If you want to know more, you can read about what we are doing on our website OURHUB.DK and follow how we are doing it on Facebook and Instagram.

In the meantime, we are now ready to start again with our weekly newsfeed (yihaa!). As you will see, we have a more direct focus on urban trends while still reflecting upon communities and sharing practices in a digital era.

So… please keep posted and let us know if there are any news you want to share with us!

Now we won’t take any more of your time…

Have a great day!

The OURHUB team