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Letter sent on Jun 29, 2015

Sharing Sum Up — Week 26

Sharing.Lab is a non-profit organisation, based in Copenhagen. We research and experiment with how sharing can empower urban communities. This letter explores what we find interesting within the sharing economy world.

This is an Uber-free newsletter, as I’m sure you are fed up with reading about them everywhere.

Biblioshare — an online platform for sharing books in your local community.

AIRBNB vs. BERLIN — Rents are increasing in Berlin, and it might have something to do with Airbnb, are they contributing to a shortage in affordable housing?

In a new sharing district in Utrecht residents can share everything from the babysitter, the gardener, the tricycle to the drill and dinner.

We interviewed Neal Gorelflo from Shareable.

UK’s first ‘share shop’ opens for business. All the items are displayed with the object’s history and a photo of the person who donated it to encourage people to forge connections and introduce a richness of experience.

Manon Michelle Monhemius took a leap of faith when she let go of her home, sold off her stuff and packed her bags. She now lives with sustainable innovators, share their stories on her site No Shame in Sharing and push the solutions together.


That’s all from us at Sharing.Lab this week, have a great weekend.

#sharingsumup is curated by Signe Kassow at Sharing.Lab. If you have ideas for content to include or just want to say hi, feel free to get in touch at signe@sharinglab.dk

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