The Importance Of The Commons

In order to keep sharing our resources we can build strong commons-based societies with communities re-asserting sustainable, responsible futures using Commons principles.

Illustration by James Yang //

Take a look at this list of Commons principles made by On the Commons:

— Without exception, we all belong to our community, and we each have an equal stake in what happens.

— We must recognize and repair the damage that has been done, and the inequities that have been created, by our current, market-based society.

— The things that belong to all of us must be named, claimed, defended, protected, and improved. We have a mutual responsibility to take care of these commons and pass them on to the next generation in better shape than we found them.

— We must honor our full humanity. We are not merely individuals and consumers — we are neighbors, community members, citizens, and experts on the places we live.

— We are surrounded by abundance and opportunity that the market does not recognize or value. We must see and claim this abundance for the benefit of all.

— Everyone should have the chance to participate in defining, restoring, creating, managing, leading, governing, and owning anything that is important to the future of the community.

— People most affected by critical decisions must be included in the process of making them.

— History, cultural distinctiveness and people’s personal stories are important factors in setting goals and making decisions, as well as simply understanding our community.

— Sufficiency and resilience are the opposite of the folly of growth.

Illustration by James Yang //

We can’t wait to see this documentary by Kevin Hansen on the Commons:

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