Are you working just to get paid?

Well, I do not.


Many young people think of a job only as a way of earning money. Well, not me. Getting a job is not easy. Keeping it is even harder. And it is not just about getting it in the first place. It should be about getting the job you love doing.

A job is not just about getting paid. It is so much more. It means career, creation, value, purpose, life.

And for me there are 3 main challenges that we should take note of.


From my experience, I can draw a conclusion that many young people do not care about their job. All they care about is the payment of the end of the month.

Before I started working as a web developer in Skopje, I went on Work & Travel program in USA to work as a clerk. The store I worked in had employees from all around Europe. And I think I was the only one who gave a s*** about the job. People did not care about the store. Customers were waiting on the window while they were gossiping. They did not care if they serve the food with dirty hands nor if the customer change was correct.

You can not work and not care. You have responsibility while working. People depend on you.

They trust you.
I was working like that store is mine. My boss came to me once and said: “I have not got an employee whose register is intact for years now.” That’s why he trusted me with 2 more stores.

I also worked as a lifeguard. There is not greater responsibility than human life. But it seems like people did not get things seriously. Some of them were falling asleep while at post. I had 10 rescues that summer. Mostly kids. What if I felt asleep in one of those moments? Not good, huh?

And while I was preparing this text I had a situation at work. I made a mistake. When the client complained, I was shocked. I felt responsible and ashamed. I did my best to make it right and apologise. Maybe for him it was enough, but not for me. I could not forgive myself for what I did although it turned out to be a misunderstanding. I do have the responsibility to deliver quality on time, to help others the best way I can.

People invest in my career and I invest in theirs. You are growing together with the company you are working for. Both on professional and personal plan. The company becomes part of you.

You are part of the family and you do not get the right to hurt your family.


Second biggest challenge that we have is valuing things. Most people are not satisfied with their salaries and I feel them. I understand that you are not getting enough for the job you are doing. But that is not an excuse not to treat your customers kindly.

That is and can not be the reason to sabotage your employer.

Look for a better job or just stop working there if you are not satisfied. But if you decide to stay then do your job. We all have a bad day sometimes. That does not mean that you can lash out on your colleagues. Finish the job and then you have plenty of time to deal with your rage. And put a smile on your face before going to work, even if it is a fake one.

Do not make a mix out of professionalism and feelings.

If you are boss or manager, do not lash out on your team. You are responsible to get the job done.

You get the win or you take the fall.

Not your employees. Never. They are there to help you achieve something big and in the process to achieve something for themselves.

Project: United For Tommorrow


No matter what be yourself.

This does not mean to be the stubborn kid you were in high school. You will learn from people and apply what best suits you. I learn from my boss, from my colleagues, from their experience, their success, but also their failure. Try to avoid what made them fall.

Ask questions all the time..

Do not be afraid. Ask them while you have the chance to do that.

There will come a time when you don’t have the right to ask questions, but you need to provide answers for the next generations to come.

Thank you for reading my blog post.

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