iOS 11–100 NEW Hidden Features & Changes

The folks at Cupertino decided to fire up the Apple Beta Software Program once again and with that, they released a public beta of the new iOS 11. Announced earlier this month at WWDC, the new iOS 11 already saw 2 beta releases. And now with the public beta release plenty of changes and added features have emerged. So we’ve prepared a list of the most significant changes and new features in iOS 11.

Lock Screen

  • Landscape lock screen on 4.7” and 5.5” (Not confirmed for 4” sizes).
  • Sliding up to see older notifications also works on the lock screen.
  • New animation when unlocking the device. The lock screen slides up.
  • You can no longer slide on a notification to interact with it in either direction.
  • New lock screen music player.
  • Flatter passcode interface. Buttons aren’t outlined and the text is bolded.


  • Cellular signal dots replaced with signal bars, and there are four bars instead of five.
  • The battery icon is different. The border has a slightly larger gap, making it more distinct.
  • VPN icon has changed.
  • Vibration notification for a charging has changed. Now it’s one long pulse.
  • Opening/closing apps have a new animation (Background recedes/rushes back).
  • Entering app switcher also has a new animation (Entire UI pane slides in from the left).
  • New Apple Watch pairing interface.
  • Quick Reply keyboard is now dark.
  • Widgets view in iPad is now one column.
  • Four old ones removed.
  • New iOS 11 wallpaper.

Download Wallpaper 1242×2208

Icon Management

  • When moving icons, they have a different feel to them, moving around more slowly, like you’re dragging them along.
  • You can tap on other applications while dragging one in order to pick up multiple apps at once, like drag and drop on the iPad.
  • Icons in dock no longer have labels.
  • Spacing in the dock for <4 icons is more spread out, fills the space.
  • Icons on iPad no longer wiggle when editing.

Control Center

  • Control Center is customizable.
  • Native screen recording from the control center.
  • Apple TV remote functionality built into the control center.
  • Flashlight now has four levels of brightness instead of three.
  • iPads with flash now get a flashlight.

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App Store

  • Apple Pay interfaces in App Store when buying apps.
  • 32-Bit apps removed from App Store. 32-Bit apps on your phone will not open.
  • New category icons in App Store.
  • App Store auto-plays videos.


  • Tools in Notes got a new interface.
  • Monospaced text option in Notes.
  • Choose Notes background (e.g. grid, lines, blank). This can be varied from note to note.
  • Support For Tables in Notes.
  • New notes can be pinned from your lock screen (but you can’t access your other notes without unlocking the phone).

New Video Player

  • New video player (flat, dark gray, more rounded and minimal).
  • Less intrusive volume indicator in the video player.
  • Scrubber bar is now on the bottom.


  • Gif support within photos.
  • Editing UI in photos is tweaked.
  • Filters have been renamed.
  • One new filter.
  • “Photos & Camera” section in Settings has been separated into “Photos” and “Camera”.
  • New option to upload photos to iCloud with cellular data.
  • Auto upload of photos to iCloud automatically gets disabled when the battery is low.
  • Share sheet in Photos has “Create Watch Face” option (makes a Kaleidoscope face).


  • New ‘Smart Invert’ inverts colors but not images. It’s a sort-of Dark Mode.
  • Option to shut down the phone in General Settings.
  • Option to change the default behavior for apps showing previews on the lock screen.
  • New Notifications interface.
  • Program different double tap functions for each AirPod (Left vs Right).
  • Removed Single Sign-On for Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • “Accounts & Passwords” tab in Settings.
  • Emergency SOS tab in settings, adjust emergency contacts.
  • Can no longer use Airplane Mode and Bluetooth at the same time (But can still use WiFi).


  • “Storage & iCloud Usage” renamed “iPhone Storage”.
  • New UI for showing used/available storage.
  • New recommendations for clearing up storage.
  • Options to offload unused apps.
  • Tells you the last time you used an app.
  • Tells you how much storage ‘System’ is taking up.
  • App specific recommendations to clear storage.

Siri & Spotlight

  • Spotlight and Siri now one tab in settings, called ‘Siri & Search’.
  • New Siri icon.
  • Clear search history in spotlight.
  • Spotlight now has a dictionary.
  • New Siri icon when inactive.
  • Siri can now laugh.
  • Siri can now better answer certain questions (e.g. dividing by zero).
  • Siri settings sync across iCloud.
  • “Type To Siri”


  • New full-screen effects in Messages.
  • One handed keyboard (accessible in the keyboard selector).
  • “Business Chat”. A future feature allowing users to chat with customer support for businesses within iMessage.
  • “Hide Alerts” slide over option for conversations in iMessage.
  • Messages storage options suggest reviewing attachments and large conversations.


  • Safari scrolls with more momentum, like in other applications.
  • Safari loading bar integrated into the search bar.
  • “Try to Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” option in Safari settings.
  • New “Camera & Microphone Access” option for Safari.


  • Drag and Drop available in limited areas on iPhone (
  • Autofill passwords in 3rd Party applications.
  • Wirelessly copy files and settings from old phone to new during set up.
  • Can transfer WiFi passwords between devices.
  • Multiple DNS servers on a WiFi network.
  • Support for FLAC audio files.
  • AirPods icon for audio option during phone calls.
  • New interface for removing passes in Wallet.
  • Timer now precise to the second.
  • New Calculator icon and interface.
  • QR Code reader in Camera.
  • Camera now has a level feature when lying flat.
  • New Automation triggers in HomeKit.
  • Take Live Photos during FaceTime calls.
  • Zoom with one finger (like with Google Maps).
  • New Wallet interface.
  • Pair with NFC function.
  • CarPlay music and maps interface has been updated.
  • New message badge is shown on Messages app in CarPlay.
  • Press and pull down on keys in iPad keyboard to type special characters.
  • Multitasking on iPad no longer pauses application.
  • Emergency SOS (reached by pressing the lock button 5 times in a row).
  • New screenshot interface, allows marking up and sharing them immediately after taking them.
  • 3D Touching the left edge to enter app switch is gone (possibly a bug).

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