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How Nike Just Did It

Outrunning Adidas in the metaverse.

Coke vs Pepsi is called the cola wars. McDonalds vs Burger King… the burger wars.

!! Sneaker Wars Rabbit Hole Alert !!

Bringing it on in the Metaverse

Battles have been won and lost. But now, the sneaker wars will be waged on a new battlefield. First blood has already been drawn in the metaverse, and it is set to flow.

NFT Kicks Before IRL Kicks

Ever since, Nike has been closing what was once a large gap between the physical and digital space by turning virtual goods into real-world items. In 2021, RTFKT launched the Nike Air Force 1 “Space Drip” project, which gave 18 NFT artists — including art director Ben Mauro and — erm — Paris Hilton — the chance to design custom pairs of Air Force 1s. The upcoming physical counterparts will mirror these original digital designs and will be exclusively available to those who purchased the virtual shoes. This is a big deal, and Nike seems to have cracked something here. It means that before you can own a completely one-of-a-kind pair of shoes, you start by buying the one-of-a-kind NFT sneaker.



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