Stimulating Simulation

Today we’re excited — stimulated, actually ☕️ - to announce that Morning Brew is hosting a simulated stock & crypto trading contest on Wealthbase. The competition starts on Monday, May 4th and ends on Friday June 10th.

With 2.7 million subscribers, Morning Brew is a wildly successful daily newsletter for young professionals. Each morning email has a stock market recap and a few short briefs on the most important business news of the day. Morning Brew and Wealthbase go together like coffee and cream.

Game Details

The Fantasy Investing Competition from Morning Brew is a 30-day simulated stock…

We’re excited to share that Fidelity Investments and its new Fidelity Spire brand is hosting another simulated trading game on Wealthbase.

Fidelity’s new Spire app helps investors plan, save, and invest. Spire users can open a Fidelity account, trade live, and get trading how-to’s and education all within the app.

The ‘Fidelity Spire’s Beat the S&P Challenge’ is a 30-day fantasy stock market contest that starts on May 12th and ends on May 7th. …

Today we introduced new portfolio sorting options, giving you better views to manage your simulated portfolio. In addition to sorting alphabetically and by equity value, now you can sort Today’s Return and Total Return by either percent or dollar value. Along with this, we also redesigned the UI in this view and added descriptions to make sorting more intuitive.

Today team Wealthbase is happy to release Club Games with paid game subscriptions via credit card. This new game mode is designed for schools, companies, and investing clubs to play simulated stock and crypto trading games with their groups. Club Games allow between 5–1000 players in a contest, in game durations up to one year.

Josh Brown’s ‘Beat the Compound’ simulated trading contest with Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson on Wealthbase ran through the month of January 2021. Players had a blast and The Compound hosted weekly livestreams on YouTube where they covered game highlights. Josh wrote about Wealthbase and the game he hosted; we liked this nugget:

Wealthbase looks to be the best simulated stock trading engine ever. It’s beautifully done, you’ll be impressed by its capabilities and its user interface.
Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management

Stay tuned as The Compound is planning to run another ‘Beat the Compound’ game this summer!

Starting today, Wealthbase users can compete in public contests for a chance to win Amazon gift cards. We will be hosting weekly and monthly games to start, with more variations to come in the future!

Join a Game Now!

- The Wealthbase Team

This week we’re happy to release a new simulated trading game version of Wealthbase. It’s called “Beat the S&P” and we’re delighted to have Fidelity Investments as a sponsor for this educational, competitive, and social game.

Wealthbase announced today that it will eliminate commissions in the trading of stocks and ETFs on its platform, moving from $4.95 per trade to $0, effective immediately.

“…a game-changer for investors who trade on Wealthbase.”

“With the recent moves by Schwab, TD Ameritrade, eTrade, InterActive Brokers, and TradeStation to offer free trading, and following zero-fee upstarts like Robinhood and eToro, we decided to remove commissions on stocks and ETFs to reflect the reality of investing today,” said John Rourke, CEO of Wealthbase. “This is a game-changer for investors who trade on Wealthbase,” he added.

Wealthbase has pioneered unreal trading and…

Today we’re happy to announce the release of the Wealthbase investing network and its first feature: simulated trading games. Now in public beta at, users can also download the Wealthbase mobile iOS app in the App Store. An Android app is also on the way.

Simulated trading, also known as paper trading or virtual trading, has been around for years but its functionality was limited to simply comparing the investing performance results from a list of picked stocks — but not actually simulating the user-experience of actual trading and portfolio management. …


Product Updates and Announcements

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