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Using data and analytics to drive real estate investment decisions

The Wealthi team is currently working on the next version of our real estate investment platform. One of the key things we’ll be adding is new data and predictive analytics to help investors make better real estate decisions.

There’s no shortage of price and suburb data in the market. What we’re doing is organising it and making it meaningful for each unique situation. For example, a 25 year old first time investor with a $50k deposit will have different needs and requirements than a 65 year old retiree with a $5m portfolio.

Our focus has been on context. The first version of our platform focused on understanding each investor’s unique situation and then building a tailored plan and strategy within 60 seconds. We do this by building carefully crafted personas and then matching each investor with the persona that best fits them.

In the coming months, we plan to add more data and predictive analytics to help each persona find the best possible real estate investment opportunity within their budget. We’re bridging the gap between traditional project marketing for brand new development, planning and investment analysis for the world’s largest asset class — residential real estate investment.

Our medium term plans are to take this further. We want Wealthi to be a platform for all types of real estate investment — residential, commercial, industrial and even real estate debt with fixed maturities and annuity type structures.

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Wealthi is a real estate investment platform. Our mission is to help people build wealth through property, so they can achieve their life ambitions. We provide the roadmap, tools and expertise to guide and simplify the entire journey. Learn more at https://wealthi.com.au

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