WWYVR March 16th: “There’s a Chip For That” Hardware Row Exhibitor: Proxxi

Co-Founder + CEO Campbell Macdonald

PROXXI is the world’s first real-time, multi-voltage connected wearable. It notifies the wearer by vibration (haptic feedback) when they get too close to an electrified device, and helps reinforce the limits of approach. Targeted at utility workers and those in industry at risk of electrical contact injury, it is a device that provides companies peace of mind and visibility through connected monitoring and insights into employee safety. Each year, over 2000 electric utility employees in North America suffer electrical contact injuries, with thousands more exposed to this danger in other industries. Each of these incidences results in significant time and expense. Currently, there are no ambient, connected, always-on devices used to detect electricity. Workers rely on process to de-energize and follow lockout procedures. PROXXI provides that fail-safe backup to virtually eliminate that risk.

“Our technology is not only about safety, but by providing the smart data to organizations, helping to prevent at-risk behaviours, we are also lowering the costs of operations”. Campbell Macdonald, CEO

Join us March 16th for the Wearable Wednesday “There’s A Chip for That” event, presented by ARROW.

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