WWYVR March 16th: “There’s a Chip For That” Speaker : Porter App, by Denim & Steel Interactive

Todd Sieling + Tylor Sherman, Partners, Denim & Steel Interactive

Design and engineering studio Denim & Steel Interactive, have been helping clients design and build products, such as the Porter App. This automatic UI builder for an IoT hardware system helped solve a problem that their client, Bright/Contrast, was having with a connected home water pump project, Circopt, based on Particle. That product is in the early prototype stage, and they will be building a consumer-facing control app for it later this year.

Join Todd + Tylor for their presentation “Peekaboo: UI Windows into Device Development” where they will share valuable insights from the project and then a live demo.

“We specialize in putting a friendly face on the tools developers need for building connected devices. We help them get their products to market faster”. Todd Sieling, Partner, Denim + Steel

Join us March 16th for the Wearable Wednesday “There’s A Chip for That” event, presented by ARROW.

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