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For a few years now I’ve been interested in the idea of purpose in business. I believe one of the major problems we face is notably a lack sense in what we produce and what we buy. The majority of employees are not engaged in their work (about 70% in the US), which is a consequence of companies not having clearly-defined missions or not being fully aligned with them. By extension, many people don’t feel fulfilled in their lives (about 1 person out 2 in France) and this is also why I believe many people have a negative vision of business, seeing most companies as evil organizations where profit prevails over people.

We don’t have to continue that way though.

A few years ago, I discovered Simon Sinek’s simple — yet effective — tool to help create a new story for businesses and organizations:

1) WHY (your purpose)

Why do you do what you do? What is the mission of your project, what is its raison d’être? Why does your project exist?

Asking yourself these questions is the beginning of it all.

This is also how you become more likely to connect with people who believe in what you believe, and as a result create a loyal fan base, make meaningful partnerships and recruit enthusiastic people who share your values. In simpler words: pinning down the why is what helps you build a solid foundation for your business.

Knowing why your project exists requires you to be clear on your personal mission as a founder. This means being aware of what’s going on around you and identifying a problem that hits home for you.

You should be able to speak about this purpose and share an inspiring story around it. We did that work for our own project, WEARECO and this is why you’ll see our mission plastered across our website. Here is the very short version of it:

WHY ⇒ We exist to empower the new generation of change makers.

2) HOW (your unique approach)

How do you achieve your mission? What is your unique approach to fulfill your purpose? This is also sometimes called your unique value proposition.

Another organization may have a similar mission as yours; nevertheless, their approach may be different. Each individual has accumulated different experiences throughout their life, so their way to see a problem and solve it is original and unique in its own right.

Here is what we have come up with at WEARECO:

HOW ⇒ We’ve designed a three-pillar approach: 1) improve yourself 2) identify what you stand for 3) develop impactful initiatives

3) WHAT (your services)

Once you have figured out the why and the how, this is by far the easiest part: What are the products that you sell and what do you offer?

Usually companies start with this question first; although equally important it should come last in the brainstorming process.

Here is what we wrote for WEARECO:

WHAT ⇒ We focus on educational content packaged in the form of videos, online courses, workshops, articles and one-on-one coaching sessions.

(We describe our WHY, HOW, WHAT in a 1’45 video HERE on YouTube.)

All of this may look simple, but it took us many sessions of brainstorming to put our ideas into words. But once it was done, it was easier for my co-founder and I to be on the same page and collaborate more smoothly.

If you’re interested in this subject, check what we do at WEARECO. Also, if you want to meet for a quick Skype and chat about your projects, I’ll be happy to give you feedback; just fill this form (I do it for free).

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Thomas Pichon

WEARECO🌱 | Co-founder

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