Life Purpose: To Have or Not To Have. That Is The Millennial’s Question

Do you know why you’re here? Why have you been put on this earth at this particular time in history?

“There is no purpose in life” said a friend. Perhaps. But quite frankly these are the unfortunate words spoken by people who feel powerless and lost in their lives. Even the smallest and microscopic species play a crucial role in the evolution of our planet. Let’s take the example of plankton, more specifically phytoplankton.

Phytoplankton are said to be one of the most important organisms in our planet due to their ability to produce 50% of the global oxygen. Whoa. Let that sink in for a second… Plankton also represent an important source of food for marine life, they are in fact the first link in the food chain, which means that the ocean’s health depends on their health and consequently our own health depends on their health.

If microscopic forms of life have a purpose and contribute to something higher than themselves, why wouldn’t you too?

(I personally think it’s madness to think that you’re here for no reason at all.)

I know it has crossed your mind and at some point in your life you have wondered what it is that you can do with the time that has been granted to you on this earth. Put aside all the eye rolling fast list posts on how to find your passion and the business people trying to make a quick buck off the topic, as it turns out, there is a purpose to life, you have a purpose and it is very important to find it.

Why is it important?

As an Ayurvedic consultant, I help people on a quest for meaning and purpose in their lives; I do this by using the ancient wisdom and practical techniques of Ayurveda, a holistic system of medicine that comprises the mental, physical and spiritual components of an individual.

Ayurveda, like many spiritual schools of thoughts from the East, states that identifying and pursuing your Dharma, that is, your higher purpose, is the foundation to keep your act together, in harmony and in absolute balance with the universe.

Dharmic living or life with a higher purpose keeps you happy, peaceful and healthy. When you are in alignment with your purpose, your life flows naturally and effortlessly: from the wonderful connections you make with people you meet to the “magical coincidences” that help you move forward; even the obstacles and challenges become not annoying things in your way but gifts and opportunities to help you keep growing. It all comes to you as part of your reward for being aligned with what you came here to do. As a result, you become the amazing human being you are meant to be, you, beautiful creation of a force of such magnitude that your mind can’t quite comprehend.

Adharmic living, on the other hand, brings pain and disharmony. You are convinced that life has no special meaning, that you have no special place on earth. As a result you navigate life like a boat without a rudder, seeking external and temporary gains to keep you entertained. Sooner or later though you will find out how unfulfilling this is and smash your boat against a wall. How sad that must be when you have reached a point when you have become so fully sucked in by “life as usual” that changing is something you look at from the outside.

When you live out of alignment with your purpose, you experience feelings that range from powerlessness, boredom with life, unhappiness to “what now?” moments. You feel a sense of emptiness regardless of how much material wealth has been amassed, this may explain why some wealthy people who seem to be successful, have it all except the most important: fulfillment, happiness and health.

Life without a purpose constricts the development of your consciousness and it makes your mind turbulent and dark. Many psychological, emotional and physical problems are rooted in adharmic living.

How do you find your higher purpose?

The path to finding your life purpose is a little more complex and it requires much more effort than simply reading a list post. I am not saying that it won’t help or that it won’t give you some good ideas and guidance, but there is so much work to do than just that.

In my next piece, I will write about my own experience finding my life purpose, the challenges I faced and what finally worked for me. If you’re interested in reading it, feel free to put your email address here so you can receive it straight to your inbox once it’s ready. Also, if you are a potential changemaker looking for inspiring initiatives, identify what drives you and make an impact, grab a seat in our free training now.

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