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Original illustration by Ruxandra Șerbănoiu

Seeing is believing: balancing brand fit with authenticity in video content

Transport the viewer

Landrover transports its viewers by exploring the less travelled roads, peoples and cultures that its vehicles open up for drivers.

Establish a consistent perspective

In this example from Australia Post, the main character’s personality drives decisions on pace and style in the edit, confirming a richer and more authentic perspective based story.
In the example above, Nicorette lends character to the narrative by matching the pace, shot selection and story beats to the perspective of its central character.

Show over tell

Yeti cleverly shows they know what their audience is interested in, creating content that leads with characters first and positions the brand in close alignment.

Be human



Putting storytelling to work

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Mark Welker

Mark Welker is an award winning short fiction writer, filmmaker, day dreamer and company director at video agency Commoner.