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New Year Good Start!

It’s a month in 2022. How’s your January so far?

This month was an exciting month for the team.

We have multiple demos, appointments, meetings, discussions and feedbacks sessions!

“We all need people who can get us feedback, that’s how we improve” — Bill Gates


For product, the Dev team is happy to announce that the App is bug-free (for now). After a month of full deployment of the v1.5.6 of the DayOne App. We have yet to see much crashes, bugs and complains. *Pats on the shoulder*

As a SAAS business, we understand the importance of providing the best customer experience to users when using our services. No SAAS/App business like Bugs, but sometimes it just happens! Rest assured, we will promise to solve any bugs you faced.


Maryann Seto — Founder of Lexly Health

This month, the team had a zoom session from a fellow SAAS start-up.

Meet Maryann, the founder of Lexly Health, an ecosystem of holistic wellness practitioners for mind and body.

Early this month, our BD superstar Bernard, had the honour to have a session with Maryann — Discussing and developing BD strategies, Go-to market strategies, pricing models and many more. They also looked into ways on how Lexly and Dayone can collaborate in the future. Maybe in the future, DayOne users can get access to wellness programs and practitioners via the DayOne app.

It was really fulfilling to see how young people are taking over the next gen of businesses! Keep Going!


A we-fie with Flash Coffee!

The DayOne team also had a couple of demos this month, with one of our greatest honour being Flash Coffee.

Flash Coffee is one of Singapore’s fastest growing coffee chain in Singapore and Southeast Asia. One unique proposition of Flash Coffee is that they are a tech-backed coffee chain that allows consumers to order and pay via its own app. Consumers can pick up their orders from the stores or have them delivered to their homes or offices through food delivery partners.

Them being tech savvy, they are looking to have a solution for their business to standardised their communication, information and have a common “place” for their team to refer to during work which is why DayOne may come in handy! (wow wow wow)

It was definitely a good session together. Looking forward to seeing you guys on our App!

That’s all for our updates.~

DayOne wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year in advance!

Till then,



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