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Week 52 — You have a notification from DayOne!


This week, we went back to basics and focused our energies on one of the core features of any application — the notifications.

You’ve got a notification from DayOne!

When v1 of the app was built, our goal was to deliver a functional minimum viable product. Prioritising the speed of development over quality meant that notifications our users received back then merely informed our users that something had occurred on the app, but did not communicate the precise details of what had happened. For example, users would have received a notification telling them a task had been marked complete, but would not be able to glean from it which task exactly has been done.

The Singapore team on a call with our Vietnamese colleagues to discuss the in and outs of notification flows

When designing v1.5’s notification system, we wanted to ensure that the notifications provided real insight at a glance. We are aware of how fast-paced operations can be on the ground especially during peak periods, be it at a F&B business or a retail store. We also acknowledge that not everyone has the luxury of time to browse screen after screen to be updated on operational matters during a busy shift.

Busy busy busy!

In designing v1.5’s notification system, we focused on fleshing out the Whos and the Whats while ensuring that the notifications remained succinct. Each core feature on the app has its own distinct icon, so that users can at a glance tell what the notification is about.

Announcement, task, and FAQ content have also been deliberately redacted and kept to a maximum of two lines. Users can nevertheless get a sense of what the notification is about, then make a judgment call on whether they need to explore the activity further or deal with it at a later time.

Notifications would be launched later this month, so do keep a lookout for it!


We caught up with one of our hero users, Merci Marcel, to gather feedback on their experience using DayOne thus far.

Huge shoutout to Jessica from Merci Marcel for taking the time out to speak with us!

Merci Marcel recently rolled out the app to all four branches, including sister brand French Fold. They now have some 100 employees using DayOne every single day.

Merci Marcel’s Club Street outlet. You can also find them at Tiong Bahru, Orchard, and Telok Ayer.

We are pleased to learn that Merci Marcel’s employees have integrated use of our core feature — task management — into their daily workflow, and that they now have greater visibility and clarity on operational matters.

Just yesterday, we also swung by Sentosa to visit Rumours Beach Club for a short training refresher. The managers at Rumours Beach Club, or “Top Dogs”, as they call themselves, have been preparing for the official roll-out of DayOne to all 80 employees at the club in November.

Featuring Romy and Manis, Rumours Beach Club’s early adopters of DayOne

During the refresher, resident DayOne expert trainer Bernard gave them tips and insights on maximising use of the core features. One of the managers brought up the question on how he could ensure that all employees had access to a live Google sheet roster through the app. Bernard then demonstrated the usage of links in pinned announcements such that the roster link is always displayed prominently on the app’s dashboard.

We have more tips and tricks on how DayOne can help communicate information effectively and optimise your business’ operations. Click here to let us show you how!




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