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Week 53 — Managing Tasks More Efficiently


During the feedback sessions with onboarded brands, many of them shared that while the task management feature was great, they were hoping for this one extra function to be included.

We appreciate all feedback, whether good or bad, so keep them coming!

Did you guess it? Yes, we’re in the works of building a scheduling function for Responsibilities. Our users shared that they have tasks that are performed irregularly as well as tasks that are planned ahead of time (e.g. appliance maintenance that takes place once in a blue moon). While the ad hoc task function allows for such one-off tasks to be posted, this only works if users remember to post the task on the day it needs to be dealt with.

I recall that there’s a task due today…but what was the task again?

In the near future, users would be able to schedule tasks well in advance. Not just that, we’re jazzing up this feature update with a recurring task function too. We understand that not all tasks recur on a daily basis. Some (e.g. regular cleaning) are done at the hourly interval, while others are done monthly (e.g. closing of accounts). With this new function, users can not only schedule in advance, but also have the flexibility to schedule tasks in the recurring interval of their preference.

Ending this section off with a teeny sneak peak of what is to come :D


As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Earlier this week, resident cryptocurrency expert JW gave the team a quick crash course on how the digital currency works.

The team was in for a treat as JW gave practical advice on leveraging crypto for personal wealth management. During the crash course, we learned about the various applications that are used to store, mine, and farm for coins.

Do you dabble in crypto too? Have plans to include crypto as a form of payment for your business? JW can share a tip or two with you too if you’d like!

People we’re thankful for this week

Huge shoutout to Raymond and Vincent from Hiryu for taking the time out to explore DayOne’s functionality.

We’re also grateful to Abdullah from InterContinental Hotels & Resorts for jumping on a call with us all the way from Saudi Arabia. Can’t wait to have you onboard!



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