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Week 59 — Announcement Feature Enhancements


At DayOne, we constantly review our features by evaluating their functionality and usability against actual user behaviour. This is done via a twofold approach: 1. Observation of app usage 2. Analysing click maps

Click maps inform us of how users navigate the site, and where they (try to) click

After onboarding one of our superusers, we noticed the Announcements feature was being used differently from how we had initially envisioned it to be. This meant that the design of the feature was not ideal, and had to be tweaked.

Usage we had in mind versus actual usage of the feature.

When designing the Announcement feature, our vision was that users would utilise it to blast snippets of information. However, actual usage of it revealed that the messages were more often than not lengthy. This resulted in the message card taking up the entirety of the Dashboard screen, and other essential functions in the screen were pushed out of sight.

Spot anything new for the Announcements update?

For the upcoming Announcements update, we’ve designed the cards to contain redacted announcements, instead of displaying the entirety of the message on the dashboard. To access the full message, users can click on the ‘+ View more’ button’ and be brought to another screen.

In addition, we are now housing the cards in a carousel, instead of stacking them one on top of the other. This design eliminates vertical scrolling, and ensures the other functions in the dashboard screen will always be visible.

Finally, we’ve included the option for users to include links and add images to accompany the message. This function came after we learned that one of our users was using WhatsApp concurrently with the Announcement feature, as he needed to blast images to his staff. With images built into Announcements, there would no longer be the need for dual tracks of communication.

The new flow reduces clutter on the Dashboard screen, and optimises the viewing experience of Announcement messages


At DayOne, we treat all employees like family and go the extra mile to ensure that they know we care for them. This means taking time out to celebrate personal milestones, special occasions, and most importantly birthdays!

Last week, we celebrated our very own CEO Jiawen’s birthday with an off site lunch meeting.

We can finally dine out in larger groups again and we jumped on the opportunity to have a sumptuous birthday lunch out of the office!

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into growing DayOne. Wishing you a very happy birthday from all of us in the team!


Huggs Coffee has opened their brand new flagship outlet at 30 Maxwell Road and we’ve been invited to their VIP launch event!

Huggs Collective Maxwell offers not just your favourite Huggs coffee and pastries, but also serves wholesome meals from Fit SG and award-winning gelato from Denzy Gelato‘s.

Best of all? It’s pet-friendly so Fido can tag along too. Look no further than Huggs Collective Maxwell for brunch this weekend.

A big shout out to Haoming for inviting the DayOne team to the VIP launch. We can’t wait to be there!



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