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Week 60 — Our Next Big Feature


In the past week, we’ve put a hold on current feature upgrades, and have redirected our energies on our next big feature. In the upcoming month, we would be shining the spotlight on our target users and current users through in-depth user research. In doing so, we hope to be able to get a fresh perspective on the gaps in the processes they currently employ, and the perennial problems they face.

To kick things off, we conducted a series of user interviews. We spoke to target users of DayOne from the service sector, ranging from wait staff to sales associates, to take a deep dive into their experience, needs, and pain points.

User interviews, when conducted with the right target audience, can reveal a gold mine of thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and habits. Designers can then leverage these information to create features that are truly relevant and useful

Prima facie, we’ve already spotted trends in the data that we’ve collected from chatting with these target users. For example, more than half of the interview participants shared that they felt nervous in the first week of work as they were unsure of what to expect.

They felt that the training was inadequate when it came to imparting the skills required for the job, but also acknowledged that learning on the job was key to gaining competency. We also found out that in-person demonstrations were the most frequently employed means of teaching new staff, yet participants felt it could be more effectively executed.

While we are only in the nascent stages of our user research for the next big feature, we have already gained great insight into the thoughts and feelings of our target users. We are excited to put our learnings into action. Moving forward, we will be conducting workshops to share these insights, and to brainstorm solutions that mitigate industry pain points.


Last week, the DayOne team was invited to the VIP launch event of Huggs Coffee’s flagship outlet.

Huggs Coffee is brewing smiles over at 30 Maxwell Road. Do check them out!

Managing Director Lee Haoming was there to welcome guests and to share the upcoming plans for Huggs Coffee’s rapid expansion. We’re excited to learn that they are planning to open seven new outlets in the upcoming quarter, with expansion into hitherto untapped market segments such as the student population.

Managing Director Lee Haoming (in blue) sharing with the audience on Huggs Coffee’s new branding and commercial strategies

Haoming also shared how Huggs Coffee doubled down on supporting social causes, with campaigns that reach out to healthcare workers, and initiatives to encourage upskilling through their coffee academy.

The DayOne team with Assistant Marketing Manager Anza, one of the key organisers of the launch!

A huge congratulations to Huggs Coffee and team on the opening of the new outlet and wishing you the very best in your future expansion plans!

People we’re thankful for this week

Huge shoutout to Celeste from JRML Bakery for taking the time to explore DayOne’s features. We’re stoked to learn of their expansion plans, and are looking to utilise DayOne to lay the groundwork of formalising standard operating procedures and training plans.

JRML Bakery is a neighbourhood bakery that serves up fresh bakes every morning from 7am — 9pm! They are located at 24 Sin Ming Rd. Do drop by if you are in the area!

JRML Bakery is DayOne’s first family run business, and has the largest user age group range (they have employees from as young as 17 to as old as 60 years old). Thank you for coming onboard and we look forward to hearing how DayOne has helped accelerate your business’ expansion!



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