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Week 61 — Sprinting To The Finish Line


In the blink of an eye, we’re down to the final sprint of the year!

Last sprint, the team buckled down and managed to complete not one, not two, but four feature upgrades! They’ve since been pushed out to staging for quality assurance testing. In this final sprint, the team will be concentrating on fixing the bugs for the feature upgrade releases.

Plenty to do this last sprint but the tech team is ploughing on. Kudos to them for the hard work and effort!

To recap, the upcoming feature upgrade releases are:

  1. Announcements

-Implementation of rich text so you can bold, italicise, underline, and add links to your messages

-Uploading of images

2. Knowledge

-Replacement of tagging system with categories

3. Responsibilities

-Introduction of scheduling, and setting recurring tasks at custom intervals

4. Repository

-Complete overhaul of look and feel

-Ability to create and store files in folders

We’re uber-excited to launch these feature upgrades and we hope that they’ll improve the overall experience of the DayOne app. In the meantime, sit tight and keep a look out for the release date!


On Wednesday, we welcomed Jack, our new full stack engineer, to the DayOne family. We’re excited to have Jack onboard, and sat down with him to chat about his career and how he came to join DayOne.

DayOne (DO): Hey Jack, glad to have you join us! Do tell us about yourself!

Jack (J): Hi my name is Jack, and I am 24 years old this year. I graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Informatics from Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

My university program was five years but to be honest, I rarely went to school in the first three years. Instead, I went to the gaming center or stayed at home.

Jack with his one year old poodle Lu!

DO: How did you get started in programming?

J: I don’t remember why I decided to start learning programming, but one thing for sure is that it was definitely the right decision as I found out that I love it!

DO: Could you share more about your career as a programmer?

J: I worked for a small outsourcing company as a full stack developer in Hanoi for over two years. I started working there right after graduating.

Jack (in blue) with his ex-colleagues

My colleagues came and went, and I eventually became the most senior person there. While there, I learned to work with React.js, React Native, and C#.

DO: Thanks for sharing! Why did you decide to join DayOne?

J: I wanted to move to a new company where I could meet more talented developers and improve my skills. I chose DayOne and after the interview I knew that it was the right company for me. I was really impressed with the way Brian interviewed me.

I am also thankful to Weixian for guiding me on work, and to everyone else for the warm welcome. I know that I will learn a lot in DayOne and I’m really excited about that!

DO: Glad to have you join the team Jack! Looking forward to working closely with you! :)


With Huggs Coffee’s ambitious plans of opening seven new outlets in the upcoming quarter, we also doubled down on our engagement with them to better understand how DayOne can play a role in the rapid expansion.

A huge shout out to Clair from Business Operations and Anza from Marketing for spending last Friday evening with us.

From L-R: Bernard, Clair, Lil, and Anza

We gained a fresh perspective on the challenges that multi-outlet coffee bars face, and will keep them in mind when designing solutions in the near future!

We’re also pleased to learn that Huggs Coffee will be leveraging the DayOne app to train employees at their new outlets moving forward.

Anza demonstrating to Huggs Coffee’s newest staff on how they can access the knowledge feature for information on promotions

We’re thrilled and excited to be a part of the new generation of Huggs employees, and we can’t wait to hear how they’ll integrate DayOne into their day-to-day work.



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