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Week 64 — It’s DayOne of a Brand New Year

A very happy new year to all our wonderful readers. In the first post for 2022, we’ll pick up where we left off last year. We’ll continue with the sharings of research for our next big feature. Also hear from our younger team members on how they spent their year end holiday, and their hopes and wishes for the new year ahead.


In the first of a two part series on research for DayOne’s next big feature, we spoke about the primary research that was conducted with target users and brands. The insights were shared with the rest of the team, followed by an intense brainstorming session.

Sharing of research findings through our personas’ user journey map

In the second segment of the research series, we discuss problems prioritised, and the outcome of the workshop.

To kick things off, the team was asked to list what they felt were pressing problems that users face, based on the research findings. We then went through each and every problem listed, and collectively decided on where the problems should be placed on the priority-feasibility matrix. Is the problem a high or low priority one? How feasible is it for us to resolve the problem?

The priority-feasibility matrix is one of the most efficient methods of deciding what the team should focus on

Following that, we took the high priority-high feasibility problems to a vote! Coming out at the top was *drumroll please* …

What do you think is the pressing problem that DayOne will focus on tackling in 2022?

The problem that will form the foundation of our next big feature is none other than inefficient communication at the workplace.

Now what exactly do we mean when we say inefficient communication? To ensure everyone was on the same page, the next step in the workshop was to identify the various sources and reasons for inefficient communication, then trace them to their roots!

To do so, we used a fishbone diagram to lay out all the potential causes of inefficient communication.

In order to get to the root cause of these causes, the team was also instructed to apply the five whys technique to delve deeper into the problem!

The five whys technique helps us move past compounded effects of the problem to the root causes that we ought to weed out and tackle!

To wrap things up, we continued to pick everyone’s brain with the Crazy 8s activity. In this final activity, the team was tasked to select sub-factors to the surface level causes, and to generate 8 solutions to the sub-factors.

Even though we have a tech and design team to work on the new features, all app upgrades are ultimately a team effort. We were glad to have everyone come onboard to chip in their innovative ideas and solutions for the next big feature. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled as work on this massive project is in full swing!


For this week’s post, we speak to DayOne’s very own Gen Zers, to find out what they were up to over the holidays, and their hopes and wishes for the upcoming year!

First up, the youngest member of DayOne, Ally!


I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but I do take advantage of the joyous atmosphere! The Tay Ho district in Hanoi is popular with expats, and I usually go to one of the pubs to have a drink on Christmas night.

Ally and friend at a Christmas event in the Tay Ho district back when the pandemic wasn’t rearing its ugly head

I had also planned to go away to the Pavie ancient stone road for a hiking trip over the New Year’s weekend but that didn’t materialise.

Due to the pandemic, most of Hanoi’s districts only did takeaways so no fun events for me over the holidays. I however did make great progress on my New Year’s resolution to be more fit though!

Ally’s New Year’s Day achievement — a 17.6km bicycle ride through Hanoi!

I’ve cycled some 40km already this year! On one of my trips, I stopped by Hanoi’s biggest flower markets for some lilies.

Ally ferrying some fresh lilies home on her bicycle!

In 2022, I’m hoping to get fitter so I can go trekking without being such a drag like my last trip. I also want to learn how to swim! Finally, I’m really hoping COVID-19 situation dies down soon so I can meet up with both the Singapore and Vietnam teams!


Over the holidays, I mostly hung out with my girlfriend! We went shopping at AEON Mall and I bought her some clothes and cosmetics. Nothing for myself as I am a simple man and didn’t need anything!

Jack spending quality time with his girlfriend over the holidays!

I also visited my grandparents with my mother and brother. We visited them to ensure that they are fine as the situation of the pandemic in Hanoi has been getting more serious.

In the upcoming year, I would like to continue leading a healthy lifestyle by exercising every single day. I also hope to contribute more to DayOne, and be the best version of myself in 2022. Finally, I wish for more opportunities to travel with my girlfriend this year!


For the holidays, I attended a Christmas party with some friends. It’s our long-standing tradition to meet up every year.

Bernard and friends at their annual Christmas party!

We have a secret santa gift exchange and every year, we up the gift amount! This year, I got my friend some Razer peripheral as he’s a hardcore gamer!

Bernard presenting his gift recipient with some gaming accessories!

Besides the Christmas party, I also had potluck meals with my friends and family!

In the new year, I’m hoping to purchase a place with my girlfriend! Besides that, I also hope to be able to work on new ideas, and to cultivate the habit of reading at least 15 minutes a day so I can learn new concepts daily. Lastly, my wish for DayOne is for us to have amazing breakthroughs in the new year!

Have an amazing 2022 from the DayOne team to yours!



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