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Version 1.5.6

Product Update 1: FAQ/ Knowledge Categorization

If you are already a user, you probably would have asked this question before: “Can we categorize our information in the FAQ section”.

Example of FAQ/Knowledge Categorization

Product Update 2: Repository: Access Rights & Categorization

i. Providing Access Rights: We made providing access rights easier. This is after understanding your struggles of clicking 93 times just to share a file with all your members.

Example of providing access rights to Workspace, Teams, or Individuals
Example of creating a folder

Product Update 3: Admin Panel access via App

With our newly added buttons, you can have quick access to the DayOne Admin Panel to create, edit, delete MOTDs, Knowledge, Responsibility, or Repository.

Entry points for Admin Panel in the DayOne App


Moving on to team, this week is an exciting week because it's the birthday of our dear UX/UI Designer Lilian. (Lil) Hurray! She’s turning 18, sweet 18.

Latest image of our princess — On an outing to Huggs Coffee with Bernard!
Snapshot of Wei Xian’s message to the team

DayOne to all you readers there

DayOne wishes everyone great health and everlasting happiness for the New Year ahead! HAPPY 2022!




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