A Better Way to Find Great Engineers on Github

This week we released a new Github search tool to help engineers get hired based on their Github activity. Everyone can use it for free at:


Few sites today provide a better place to find engineering talent than Github. As the largest platform for hosting shared, open-source code, it’s one of the best places to see real work that engineers have done, as well as how many people have followed, favorited, or built on their work. While Github’s site itself is a great place for engineers to coordinate with each other, it can be a slow, painful process for technical recruiters and hiring managers to trawl through to find their work.

Our search engine aims to make it super simple to find the best engineers for a particular language, skill, or framework, and provide instant access to the relevant code they’ve written.

Why not use Github’s own user search? We’ve improved on it in a few ways:

1. We filter out the stuff that doesn’t matter: No more wading through forked repos that were never built on, or code that’s not helpful to you.

2. Expanded ranking & sorting options: You can rank developers based on how many code contributions they’ve made, how many watchers their code has, or how many times their relevant code has been forked, giving you a quick way to find the most prolific coders for the technology you need, or the code most endorsed by their peers.

3. Improved location search: If you need a developer in your local area, you can also search accurately for developers within any city, metro area, region, or country.

4. Designed to find people, not code: Domino was built to help you find the best developer for your team or project.

5. A single click to see what you want: We link directly to a relevant sample of their code.

Our search engine today includes nearly 40,000 Github developers who have more than 50 followers. Together they’ve created over 470,000 repositories, with more than 12 million commits, and 14 million watchers. If you’re looking for top engineering talent today, give it a shot!