5th Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy

We are happy to share with you that for a consecutive year we will be live streaming the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy. Its fifth edition will take place on 19 Feb in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Geneva Summit is one of the most interesting events that we webcast live. It is an international forum, which takes place in parallel with the main annual session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. At the venue one can hear about the breach of human rights from first hand and meet face to face with courageous people who stand against these injustices in all the ways they can. From political dissidents and human rights victims to diplomats and student leaders, all participants share different perspectives on urgent human rights situations, which turn our world into a sad and inhuman place. We are proud to bring the voice of these people outside the conference hall and make it possible that they reach across the globe, to every single person who feels need to know.

The most prominent topics in the discussion include women’s rights, internet freedom and democracy. Some of the confirmed participants at this year’s session include:

  • Randa Kassis — Syrian journalist, president of the Coalition of Secular and Democratic Syrians
  • Dr. Mukesh Kapila — Special Representative, Aegis Trust Un Humanitarian Coordinator for Sudan
  • Regis Iglesias — Cuban prisoner of conscience and human rights activist
  • Mukhtar Mai- Gang raped by a local clan as a “punishment” for her family, this Pakistani woman went on to open a school for girls, becoming a beacon of hope for oppressed women around the world.

We will keep updating you with new and interesting information on the topic.