Adaptive bitrate

We started streaming for the first time in 2010 for the UN Watch in Geneva. It is one of those stories that helped us shape ourselves. A client asked if we can do something we’ve never done before, and we said, no but we will find out how to do it. So Anton dived into research and David and I had to go shopping for some hardware.

Since we’d been filming and editing video for quite some time, we managed to pull the event mostly with the existing hardware (computers, cameras, cables) and a couple of rented items. So it goes.

Fast forward to today. About one year ago we rebuilt Livecasts, our high end solution for streaming events and conferences. Today we are rolling out a new feature that was sitting on a shelf for some time: adaptive bitrate. We are also at a place we have been wanting to go for a long time, the SQUARE.

We are doing a test today for an event we have next week on a topic that we find quite interesting: Online searching and privacy in the EU.