Barouh & Partners on the Beach

Following our winter team building on Vitosha mountain in January, last week we finally headed to the Black Sea, to hold our summer retreat.

I flew from Budapest to Burgas, where the guys have been already waiting for me. After an hour of drive we arrived to Camping Gradina, a relatively unfrequented shore of the Burgas Bay (compared to the rest of the tourist-packed Bulgarian coast).

We set up our camp of four tents about 10 metres from the sea and quickly devoted ourselves to the sea, BBQ and beers. Man, that’s a trinity I believe in.

By the way, do you know Tom and Jerry? When Jerry jumped in my tent, I was screaming like a little girl.

Food in Bulgaria is just superb, probably my favourite thing about the country. You get a great selection of fresh Black Sea fishes everywhere, while you just can’t get enough of french fries with cheese and shopska. Classic stuff and oh boy it’s cheap.

Thanks to Zlatan’s diving skills we ate plenty of clams. Apparently his father collects clams every weekend in the summer to eat them all year. Great hobby really.

We had the chance to attend a windsurfing course, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I had some serious setback on the second or third lesson, when I discovered there are some mean gangs of jellyfish deeper in the sea. It took me some time to overcome my fear and thank God most of the f#$!s left with a stream overnight. Eventually I managed to cruise along the shore and do a couple of turns without falling, but the rest of the guys seemed to get a better grip of the whole thing. But if anyone asks, I’m a surfer baby!

During the one week we had time to cover work related topics as well. In most of the time we tried dissapear from the outside world and focus on the future of our own projects. We are busy developing two own applications and I’m proud to say we might be able to announce some exciting news in the near future. Stay tuned…

Bottom line it was a perfect week for me and there was so much to it, it is impossible to pass it over with a couple of words. Let the shots below speak for themselves, I really hope you like ‘em.

Visit Gradina everybody, it will make you happy!