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Feb 16, 2015 · 4 min read

Two weeks ago we had yet another great team building in Bulgaria. This week we will share our experiences one by one everyday. The honour is mine to start the series.


I’ve always had this feeling about Bulgaria that opposed to every other country on this planet it is considered kinda cool to be Hungarian. At least the taxi driver spoke very fondly about my country on my way downtown from the airport. Of course you can say he was hoping for a tip, talking about football, pálinka and goulash as you would expect, but I think this fella had some cherished memories and real feelings going on. In the end he offered me to give a ride home for only 400€ (spoiler alert: I opted for the plane instead).

Anyway, after several rounds downtown, he dropped me at a lunch place to finally hook up with my dear Bulgarian colleagues. We spent the afternoon in SOHO (Sofia Holistic Coworking Company) working together and concluded the day in a pub with a couple of beers, ready and prepared to leave next morning to the mountain Rila.


But as we feared, weather didn’t want us to go the mountain Rila. Long story short, there is only one lift taking you up to the hut we reserved and with the strong wind, the lift simply did not work.

Hoping the weather will get better later, we decided to visit Borovets, a ski resort around 1 hour drive away from Sofia. We had a short day of skiing, but I was amazed by the amount of British tourists here and how much of a resort Borovets is. By this I mean restaurants, bars and hotels everywhere around the slope. Not really my cup of tea, but looked like fun.

As we got some promises that the lifts might start working later in the afternoon, we headed towards the Rila Lakes Hut after a couple of hours of skiing to finally take our reserved accommodation. I was hopeful until the last moment, but turned out there will be no lift that day, which meant one thing for us: walk.

I mean a big walk. Not your usual Saturday afternoon type of walk. A three hours long, 600 meters elevation, knee-deep-in-the-snow, make-sure-you call-the-ones-you-love type of walk. Anyway we’ve always been more about ups than downs, so we made it, and more importantly made it together.


A day of blizzard, that proved last night could’ve been worse. A lot worse actually. We spent almost the entire day in our rooms, recovering from last night with board games and whiskey. Always a nice combination. For the record, Mirko won every game.


Probably my greatest skiing experience until this day. A beautiful sunny morning, powder, powder, powder everywhere and nothing but smiley faces around me. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

n the evening we headed back to Sofia to do to some karting, where I came in a disappointing 2nd place :)

We concluded the day in Raketa, a nice restaurant recollecting symbolic objects of the previous regime.


We had a streamed event on Tuesday, so we headed to another coworking space called ‘Betahaus’, one we’ve already visited last year. Nice vibes and nice people. Betahaus > SOHO if you ask me.

In the afternoon we visited an ‘escape room’ called 3 Key Rooms, where we managed to follow the clues and build a time machine in 45 minutes. Great experience, recommended for anybody visiting Sofia!

With most of the team already headed home, we grabbed some drinks in a bar called Roderic as an ending to this great week.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for more stories to come by the rest of the team!

Photos by Ivaylo Mladenov.


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Development consultancy, specialised in building custom web solutions and applications since 2006. Visit us at:

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