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Feb 20, 2015 · 5 min read

Teambuildings, the one of the many things that I like about Barouhandpartners. We do one every 6–7 months and it’s always awesome! Sometimes challenging for myself but still really awesome! Winter is not my kind of season but this slowly starts to change as I already bought my first Snowboard equipment.


This day started for me pretty early — around 5:30 a.m. — with a trip form Burgas to Sofia. 5 hours driving until I arrive in Sofia to meet the guys. By the time I get to Sofia the guys were already in SOHO and more or less I was there for lunch. We went to a nice restaurant with nice food where we waited for Balázs to arrive. We had some nice lunch and went to SOHO again to get some things done.

Around 5 p.m. we decided to go for some winter gear and for some equipment for the car in order to be prepared for heavy snow conditions. First we went to buy some winter equipment for us then we went to buy some things for the car. By the time we finish our tasks we were very hungry with Ivo. We went to an interesting place where I ate something with pretty strange name which I don’t remember :) but it was very delicious. I was staying at Ivo’s place so we went there and since we had some more work to do we started dealing with our tasks.

We had plans to wake up early and hit the road to Rila so we can use the day for skiing and snowboarding. Unfortunately the weather tricked us. The night was very windy and rainy so was the morning. We woke up around 6 a.m. and started preparing. By the time we got to the car and started to arrange luggage Avi called us that we will postpone our meeting with couple of hours hoping that the weather will be okay. And here starts the fun part :)


We left around 9:30 and went to take Mirko and Sve. Then we met Avi, David and Balázs and started our trip to the mountain. Unfortunately the weather was bad and the lift which was supposed to take us up was not working. We decided to go to Borovets — a ski resort nearby in order not to loose the day in waiting for the lift.

I am still learning how to use my Snowboard so I had a meet with my Snowboard teacher Dea. All good :) I started falling and trying to stay stable on the snowboard and I had a good 1–2 hours of leaning. We decided to go again to Rila and try the chances for lift. Unfortunately the lift was still closed and there was no chance for it to start working.

And here comes the challenge :) We decided to go on foot and reach the hut at 2100 meters above sea level. So far so good — I imagined nice path with medium hills. And since I am the fluffy guy in our team I knew that it won’t be easy for me but still wanted to do it.

I was wrong :) we had more than 3 hours walk uphill and I was the slowest one making 10 steps and 1 min rest. I wasn’t prepared for this at all and this was my first time climbing for more than 15 minutes. Moreover the deep snow that we run into when we were really close to the hut totally devastated me. It was way too hard for my body to handle this.

Regardless everything we made it to the hut. I felt like the god of the mountain :) I was totally exhausted. Then the hut owner said that there is no electricity — but surprisingly I was like “Okay who cares I can live with that :)”. I made it to the hut and that is what matters the most for me in this very moment.
We were all wet. I had only my socks dry (Avi said that I made very good choice of snowboard boots). The good news was that there is hot water regardless of the electricity. One hot shower was blessing for me and a cup of whiskey a lifesaver :)


I slept like a child after the previous adventure. David woke us for breakfast and we all went to have some food. The weather was still bad and not good at all for non-experienced snowboarder like me. Also my clothes were still wet and I decided to stay at the hut with Sve and Ivo. Rest of the guys went for a ride because the lift was working for a short period of time. Later we played some board games and had some fun with them. David and Avi went for a second run and a climb because the lift was stopped again.


This day was the nicest one. I was able to practice snowboarding :) and fortunately I was able to learn how to stop on both edges of the board and to go straight forward. It was great fun for me.

After we dug out the cars from the snow we headed back to Sofia. We went go-kart racing in one of the closed tracks in Sofia :) nice experience.

We finished the day in a pretty nice restaurant called Rakia Bar Raketa. Nice food and great decorations with old things that I’ve seen only when I was little child. They’ve done great job decoration the place with old refrigerators and objects that people used 20 and more years ago. Really nice place.


Last day for me in Sofia. We had an event and we gathered in Betahaus (another co-working space in Sofia). We done some work but I had to leave a bit earlier. My little niece was born couple of days before and I had to go to visit her. So I did :). I was very happy to see that both my sister and her baby are okay. Meeting my niece for the first time :) a bit strange feeling but very nice.

Around 3 p.m. I went to pick up Avi and we hit the road to Varna. Listening to 2 Pac and talking with Avi made those 5 hours of driving very pleasant.


Development consultancy, specialised in building custom web solutions and applications since 2006. Visit us at: http://weareevermore.com

Zlatan Zlatanov

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Development consultancy, specialised in building custom web solutions and applications since 2006. Visit us at: http://weareevermore.com

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