European Liberties Platform Facelift

Change is great, as I mentioned in the conclusion of my previous post on the blog. This year started with yet another change: we updated the design of the European Liberties Platform.

European Liberties Platform is an independent watchdog working to inform and mobilize citizens for the protection and enjoyment of human rights for all. We created the Liberties website about one year ago, and it has been one of my personal favourite ever since. Not only ELP stands for a great cause, but manages to unite human and civil rights organisations from twelve European countries. I like to think all of this has something to do with me.

As a matter of fact I don’t know any other websites that submits news in twelve different languages on a daily basis. To make all this possible, we built an entirely custom content management system.

Anyway I’m not here to brag about the engine, but to introduce the shiny and new looks of the European Liberties Platform. Credits for the graphic design go to Dávid Szebenyi a.k.a. Aman, thanks for all the hard work. Once again it has been a pleasure to collaborate with the Liberties team and we are looking forward for a great 2015.

Thanks and hugs to Mirko for the great work and the rest of the team for all their support.