From Start-up to Sportmate

A year ago we created a website for a friend’s start-up. It is a company for personal physical training based in Budapest, Hungary under the name of Sportmate. When we built the website, the company wasn’t launched yet, so the entire venture was still conceived as an experiment.

The initiator of the start-up was Máté, a 29-year-old Hungarian, who has spent 5 years in Qatar training Ministry of Interior’s S.W.A.T. team in physical strength, which to increase soldiers’ endurance during missions.Gaining this unique experience, Máté decided to return to his homeland and try founding his own company. He believed that he could do what he loves in his own country, while filling in a niche in the sports business.

The actual start of the idea was set with the launch of the website we built. It is a kind of a personal web page, where Máté promoted himself as a personal trainer, offering specialized exercise programs for different types of clients: professional sportsmen, firms, their executives, couples or individuals. The plans are creatively structured, with trainings happening at various venues beside gym atmosphere and targeting individual development goals.

The business has been going well, but Máté had a higher ambition when leaving Qatar, which didn’t let him settle for what he had achieved till this moment. Next to pentathlon, the discipline at which Mate had been a professional sportsman, swimming was the sport which excited him the most. He had been a swimming coach for 5 years and had trained two professional swimmers. While working for the Ministry of Interior in Qatar, Máté had also been organizing swimming championships for children. He had never had the chance to do this in Hungary and what he has seen, when events like these have taken place, has left him disappointed. Máté wanted Budapest’s swimming community to experience a real swimming cup schools championship.

This is how the Sportmate International Short Course Swimming Cup happened. The contest took place this February and gave the chance to 130 children to become champions in front of a public of 350 viewers. The best part of it was the atmosphere — the big venue, the serious organization, the high rivalry, the loud cheers, while standing on the winner stairs, and everything else you see in the video above; all proving that what Máté created mattered.

Máté believes he has found his inspiration for the upcoming year and plans to turn the Sportmate events of this kind into a series. We can’t wait to see more Sportmate videos full of happy children’s faces.