How does Evermore hire people

We are looking for bright people from all across the world to work with, so our entire hiring process is digital. This means we don’t insist on meeting in person before we hire you. So let’s see how this process goes.

1. The Search

Right after we decide to add some new talent to our team, we get in touch with Galina Ilieva, our headhunter for the last few years. We are very happy with our ongoing collaboration. First we talk to her and explain our vision of the position and the type of person we are looking for. She then does a pre-selection and sends us the suitable candidates CVs.

We look for signs of go getter attitude. We look at what candidates do outside of work as well. We value the skill level at 50%, the other 50% is the attitude of the candidates and their ability to adopt. 
Galina knows our company culture so she does a pretty good job with the pre-selection.

2. The First Call

As a next step we set up a Skype call between the right candidates and the founders of the company. This call usually lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. The purpose is for both parties to get a feeling of each other in a general conversation, where we explain Evermore’s company culture, our working methods, values, client base, current and future projects. We then let candidates speak freely about their past experiences and anything else that they feel comfortable sharing with us.

We usually lose 80% of the people at this stage, but we know this is for the good.

3. The Second Call

If we like the candidate and the candidate likes us, we will proceed with a second call in the upcoming days. This call should include team members that the candidate will be potentially working with. This conversation is oriented much more at the candidate’s particular skills and experience in the field. In any case, we try not to put anyone under too much stress, we prefer everybody to have a good time on this interview.

4. The Assignment

As a final step, we like to give a little assignment to each candidate, before we give them an offer. These tasks are usually small, but challenging. We always evaluate the solution of candidates and give them some feedback regardless the outcome of the hiring process.

If we are satisfied with the quality of the candidate’s solution and he ticks most of our other boxes as well, we are more than likely to send an offer shortly. In general, the entire process should not take longer than 2 weeks.

A few years ago this process was rather challenging, but now it works like well-oiled machine. We value honesty, integrity and people who always go the extra mile, and we believe our clients do too. The Evermore team today is the best we have ever had.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team feel free to contact us.