How to Embrace Change with Elixir

Elixir can still be considered a relatively young programing language, as it appeared on the busy IT scene just seven years ago. Since then, its popularity has been constantly growing and more and more companies have decided to switch over to Elixir. This is partly related to the constantly expanding number of active users that large scale web applications have to handle and the corresponding need for faster response times and code clarity. Elixir can provide both, as well as other useful benefits.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the list of Elixir enthusiasts, who migrated some of their services to it, includes some serious players, such as:


Pinterest, which recently reported to have reached 250 million active monthly users, migrated their notification services from Java to Elixir in 2015. As a result, they achieved an enormous reduction in the used lines of code (around 10 times) and cut the number of servers necessary to run the service in half.


BleacherReport is one of the biggest sports websites that needs to handle an enormous amount of traffic and notifications on a daily basis and often deals with a massive number of concurrent users and requests. After switching from RoR to Elixir, they reported some impressive results, such as reducing the number of servers for the production environment from 150 to 5. During the night of the NFL Draft in 2016, the new system managed to send more than 200 million push notifications, which were received by the users without any delay.


Elixir is also the perfect choice for online betting industries and it comes as no surprise that Bet365 chose this programing language and Erlang over Java, in order to handle the ever-growing number of active users and the need for better scalability, performance and reliability. One of the greatest advantages of Elixir is its fault-tolerance and no-shared memory approach that makes it possible to separate faults and errors, while the system is still up and running. Something that is crucial for online betting.


When it comes to search engine optimization, Moz is definitely one of the global leaders with the staggering number of 5 billion searches per day. In order to keep up with the current, constantly shifting trends and provide important features requested by the customers, the company needed to make some major changes. They chose to ditch the MySQL storage and use Elixir to create a database free solution for their ranking history, which resulted in a remarkable query performance and storage savings.

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