Livecasts Redesign

This month we did a complete redesign of our streaming platform, Livecasts.

Livecasts has been active in it’s previous form since 2013. Throughout the years we have streamed many events, mostly from the European Parliament, organized by the ALDE Group and the ECR Group among many others. One of our other notable clients is MyMicroInvest, for whom we streamed many crowdfunding events. After using the same design for more than 3 years, we decided it’s time for a facelift.

A good, stable player is essential for a streaming platform, which fortunately has never been a problem. With the redesign we decided to emphasise the complementary features, such as the Questions & Answers, Program and Twitter wall.

In the previous design all of these modules were usually below fold, so most of our visitors didn’t see them without scrolling. Numbers said viewers didn’t really notice the modules, let alone interact with them. As you can see in the wireframe below, we planned a familiar layout with all the complementary features and information in the sidebar.

The wireframe came to life with a cleaner design and a darker, more serious color theme.

While at it, we decided to create a new logo for Livecasts. After several rounds we ended up with a version that encompasses two important aspects of the service.

It is a ‘Play’ button made up of a spiral, implying on what we actually do: video and streaming.

We hope you like the outcome, if you are interested in the topic, make sure to check out our next stream for the ALDE Group, titled Algorithmic Accountability and Transparency in the Digital Economy

Have fun!