Love is in the EP air

Today our webcast will offer a very exciting mix, the ingredients of which are young people, money and love. We will stream a seminar, in which representatives of NGOs and youth organizations, members of the European Parliament and young people will talk about the place of youth related issues in the planning of the next monetary framework of the European Union. The event goes under the title “Love Youth Future: Is the EU budget 2014–2020 ready to LOVE our future” and is organized by MEP Ivailo Kalfinand the European Youth Forum. The LOVE vibe in the event comes from the Love Youth Future initiative, which is the newest social campaign by the European Youth Forum. is a website where young people can voice their opinion on the problems they face as citizens of the European Union. The platform also agitates them to rethink their future and claim it back. Looking at the colorful and fun website, where the word LOVE dominates the content, makes it obvious that the idea is not to create another space for pointless criticism, but rather to establish a positive and optimistic perspective on these issues.

Considering all this, we expect a very open and intriguing discussion. Join us, we start at 15:00 CET!

Click here to watch the live webcast.