The Friday Weekly

Thanks to Mirko’s initiative, we’ve been doing weekly team calls on Fridays for a couple of months. Don’t get it wrong, we do team calls more often, but the Friday weekly’s are just different.

Around 14.00 PM we all gather in a call and each of us presents something special from his week. This can be a new tool that we discovered, an interesting course we attended, some problem we came across or anything else, like a nice little workaround how to group your e-mails effectively. We also talk about non-work things, such as music, sports and the other things that we have an interest in.

The goal of these calls is basically to share experience that is not closely related to our projects and to give more insight to each other about what kept us thinking for the last couple of days.

Working remotely can sometimes feel isolating, but having these weekly calls brings the team together. If you work remotely, having a regular video call with everyone can really improve the morale. However, don’t forget to put these things in a timebox (we prefer sim 1 hour), because the chitchat can drag on easily.