My Varna Workstation

Not so cold during the Winter and the nicest place to spend the Summer. The Seaside — probably the main reason I love to live and work in Varna. Let me introduce you my workplace.

I rent a small office space in the heart of the city and so far I am happy with it. Also it’s quite cheap. I like to come and work here because there is no one else around and I can concentrate on my tasks. I work form my home as well, but sometimes I want to hide from everyone and having a Dev-cave is a blessing. In other words I enjoy my privacy :)

So what are the tools that I use on a daily basis? 
1. 13'’ Macbook Pro with Retina display 
2. 23'’ Dell monitor which brings some more screen space for debugging :) 
3. Keyboard, mouse, headphones — all standart stuff 
4. Coffee cup — boosts concentration 
5. A PowerBall

You may not belevie but this small gyro ball helps a lot when solving big problems :) as well as breaking your arms muscules. See it here

Inside the ball there is a gyroscope, your task is to spin the gyroscope as fast as you can and as long as you can. The faster you spin it the harder it gets for your arm to hold and control it. It helps me a lot to clear up my mind and boost my productivity. My record is 15 minutes so far :)