Custom features of our streaming application

A few weeks ago we streamed a training session for a major Belgian corporation. Apart from the standard streaming services that we usually provide we got a request from our client to add a new functionality to our platform.

The feature allowed us to gather and save information provided by the viewers who have watched the live event. Our aim was to build this feature in a way that requires the least attention from viewers, letting them focus on the actual content.

We named this feature the ‘Info Request’ module and it works in the following way:

  • When a first time visitor arrives to the page an active session begins and the user is redirected to a pre defined form that should be filled in.
  • Once all required fields are filled in and the form is submitted the streaming page loads with the desired content.
  • If a visitor for any reason refreshes the page or re-opens it, the streaming page loads directly as long as the active session does not expire. We implemented the feature this way so users won’t have to fill in the form multiple times. A session lasts for 24 hours.
  • When the event is over we simply export the gathered data in a spreadsheet and provide it to our client.

Our streaming platform is built in a way so that we can easily turn on and off modules depending on the project and client needs.

We built some of these modules based on our own ideas, but over time numerous features were added upon client requests to serve special needs. The Info Requestfeature is only one example of that.

This modular approach makes our streaming platform versatile and us flexible as a streaming service provider.

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