Photomarathon by FotoFabrika from Evermore

Fotofabrika 2016 is about to happen for the 3rd year in a roll and this year, they prepared a marathon for you.

Photomarathon is the ultimate one day event for the viewfinder lovers. It will be held on the 10th of September 2016 in Sofia and I would say that it’s a must attend if you are in town.

As a photographer, I was very happy to hear that I was given the chance to work on the building of their website. Everything in connection to photography is usually great, but most importantly the people to work with are interesting and well organised.

Me (pm), Vasko (designer) and Zlatan (developer) rolled up sleeves and started digging further in the topic. We chose to work with a template, due to the short time between the initial request and the delivery date. The website itself does not feature any complex functionalities, which makes it simple and straight to the point. I love it!

Photomarathon’s crew of one, was very thourough and on point with everything which we requested. Thank you Iva! :)

Hope to see you all on the 10th!