Rebuild it

Rebuilding (anything) is generally an interesting task. It means that the outcome should be much better than the initial version, thus making you think of betters ways for improvement.

We received an inquiry to rebuild ICFR’s website (Israel Council on Foreign Relations), which is meant to serve as their business card for the online audience.

As with any rebuild, our first step was to figure out how could we improve it visually and structure wise. The site features mostly text, so presenting it properly to the readers was our main goal.

The layout of the old website was simple and easy to use, so we decided to stick with it. The design on the other hand needed significant attention, so we emphasised on it.

As usual, Vasko (our designer) came up with neat colour and content arrangement ideas. The Active Admin CMS which we used, is very simple and straight forward. It features several static pages and sections for new lecturers and event entries, so it’s basically very intuitive both for admins and visitors.

It was a great pleasure to work with ICFR’s office!