#workaroundtheworld — Varna

My daughter lives in Varna which makes me travel there often. I like to experiment with things in general and this trip is a very nice experiment by itself.

First of all we took the train to Varna last night. It takes about 8h to get here which is very slow but when you get a sleeping carrige you don’t mind. Check the trains website for details: http://bdz.bg

Lately with some help :) I have discovered a few cool places for work. The one I have been going the last few times I was here is actually an art gallery with nice coffee place, good music, friendly people and its overall quiet and nice to spend the day working from there. Contemporary Space

Unfortunately today as every Monday it was closed. So I went to another place. Cubo I have been coming here only in the summer at night for parties and did not expect that it has an indoor section with a fire place and an awesome view.

My last tip for the day is a lunch place called like Aladdin’s girlfriend Jasimin which serves healthy food.