Those who prepare, respond with strength.

Simple websites are sometimes difficult; it’s difficult to keep them simple. With the website of the Security and Crisis Centre (SACC) by the World Jewish Congress, we were determined to help the client to keep it simple. We were lucky enough to work with Gabriela Jiraskova, the leader of the project, who was a partner in this.

We started off by formulating all the content for the website before doing any design or writing a single line of code.

Using a content inventory we came up with all the potential pages of the website and the possible content for them. This helped us identify some redundancies, so we got rid of a few pages and merged some others.

After finalising the pages, the SACC Team started writing texts. After a few rounds, we managed to keep the number of words down to the minimum. We thought it was very important not to load the visitors of the website with unneccesarry information: they should understand what the organisation is about in the first 10 seconds of their visit.

While formulating all the content, everybody on the project got an understanding of the pages and functionalities of the website. Buildig the frontend and administrative backend site, was really easy after that.

If you are interested in writing texts for the web, I suggest you read Letting go of the Words by Ginny Redish.