Server control in 1–2–3

If your business involves any kind of media streaming, then this news could show you a brighter picture of your life and possibly make you change your SaaS provider immediately. It is about a newly released solution, which will make you forget any manual logging into your media servers.

The magic tool is called WMSPanel and is a web-based interface which allows you to control and monitor the activities on your servers online and in a few clicks only. No need for SSH or JMX connection. You can access your server from any web interface, including from your smartphone browser. To take advantage of the application, however, you need to be using Wowza Media Server.

About Wowza Media Server

Wowza Media Server is a multiaward-winning media server software for live and on-demand video streaming, recording and audio/video chat. It delivers IP video to any screen — computers, tablets, mobile devices and IPTV/OTT endpoints.Wowza is teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS), supplying its services via Amazon EC2 and S3 as self-managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).The server has been deployed by more than 120,000 global licenses, among which Livestream, Dailymotion, IBM, Swisscom, Rai Net and NASA.

The third player in the picture — a company called WMSPanel — came in the picture in 2011 by becoming Wowza’s support service provider. Now WMSPanel is an official product partner.

So what is the deal with this new solution supplied by WMSPanel?

Well, it will save you a lot of efforts and time, and maybe even make you like “playing” with your servers. The so-easy-to-start panel allows you to see server VHosts and applications structure, create new accounts, change or delete existing applications and their instances and conduct a full set of control operations. What makes it even more functional is that the application works as a central management system: all operations introduced via it can be very easily applied to your edge servers as well. Additional features provided are connections count limit, geo-location, IP-range limitations and re-publishing protection.

The reporting part is again easy and advantageous. The panel gives you quick access to real-time, high-detail and daily statistics, which can also be customized according to your organization’s needs. You have the option of cutting your reports into data slices, when needing to present them to different customers of yours, and then relating the information to separate user accounts with personalized white-label branded version of WMSPanel (customized URL, company picture, logo and etc.) for each of them.

Checking the rest of the nice features on WMSpanel website might make you even more excited about the application. The best ending here is that the starting price of the product is only 20 bucks.