Summer Team Building 2018

Evermore at the beach

I’ve been working remotely for 4 years already and while the time I spend with my dog and the lack of commuting or dressing up for work are priceless, I do miss some bits of the physical office. The main thing is live communication with my colleagues. Don’t get me wrong! This has nothing to do with downsides regarding work being done, rather I miss the friendly chat and spending actual time with them.

That’s why, when it comes to writing a blogpost about any of our company retreats, my head explodes with stories and positive experience which I want to share.

Regardless, I’ll do my best to keep it short 🙏


We went to Gradina, which is located on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. As this location became quite popular in the late years, we wanted to skip the crowds and went there in early June.

Since we were camping, each one of us brought something to contribute. Tents, sleeping bags, chairs, tables, hammocks, coolers, sun tents and lots of games to name a few.

1/5 of it


Being a team of digital nomads, we had to travel from 6 different locations.

David and Balázs landed in Sofia from Brussels and respectively Budapest. From there we drove to the seaside with Avi. The rest travelled from different corners of Bulgaria.


As it has been a busy period for us, we spent two mornings to make a recap of the first half of the year and set goals for the next. We also used the chance to discuss ongoing and prospecting projects.

To have a calm work place we rented an apartment in a nearby hotel. This decision was particularly handy because of the access to electricity plugs and Wi-Fi, which was hard to get in the camp.

During the years we balanced our team gatherings between work and fun. This is usually a conscience decision based on our work load or when there are particularly needy topics to work on together.

This summer we played more 🏄🏻 🏸 💻 ⚽ 🏊🏻 🏓 🏆


The amount of sports we covered is easily comparable to the program of the olympic games. We had a blast!

Part of having a pro team at Evermore is because we are competitive. And trust me, we used all the games we had brought along :D

As soon as we set foot in the forest and had all the camping gear unpacked, the real fun began. Crossminton speeders and Matkot balls were criss-crossing in the air, while another part of the team was warming up with a Petanque set.

The beach offered a small football field, so we grasped our chance! In light of of the football World Cup 2018, we organised a passionate mini cup of our own.

A glimpse of our mini #beachfootball #worldcup2018

The weather was amazing, so being at the seaside we had thirst for more. This lead us to the local wakeboard lift, where the team spent hours (sort of above the water surface) 😂

The next adventure was diving for mussels. Thanks to Zlatan’s knowledge on the matter, we managed to collect enough for dinner of 9 and to even have surpluses that were gifted to our camp neighbors.


As usual, the time with my team was epic and definitely memorable! I went home with excitement about our next meet-up and fully recharged to conquer new hights, both work wise and in our exciting offline adventures.

If you have questions about our work or some of our past team building experiences, just hit me up with a message! I’d be happy to give additional details about our activities.

PS. I kept this video for last, although I wanted to throw it in from the very beginning. A short recap of our 5 day adventure. Enjoy!