Várbíró Üveg

I’ve been always amused by the design of everyday things, by the use of colors, scale and typography, but I’m more of a bad drawer and also entirely lacking manual skills, so I kind of decided a long while ago to stay an admirer rather than creator.

Also I have always been interested in website design and front-end development, but I’ve never had the determination to dive deep in the subject. There was always something else.

Some time ago, maybe in July, David came up with the idea that we should do a website for his father (for me: Rudi), who is in the glazing business and have never really had any online presence. Rudi has always been a very close family friend and I’ve known him forever. Of course I was eager to help and more than happy to contribute to the project.

I did a couple of wireframes and sketches for the website, had a couple of phone calls and tried to formulate with David what are we actually going on here.

During the course of the summer I’ve been studying HTML & CSS in my free time, but despite working with developers on a daily basis, my knowledge was rather theoretical at that point. As our developers were busy with our other projects I decided to take the chance and try to code and design the website in its entirety.

The people I’m working with were supportive as always, so after maybe one and a half week of working on it part-time, here is the end result. I went for a minimalistic solution, but I think the website does the job. No templates were used in the design and development process.

The long and short of it is let me present you the Várbíró Üveg website.

Make sure you try it on your mobile device and tablet. Also any constructive feedback is more than welcome… you know I’m trying to get better, who know’s what’s next.

So thanks for Avi and David for supporting my experimental learning process and big up for Mirko and Zlatan for helping me get around and do some magic. Also big thank you to Dorka Cseke for the photo of Rudi.

Oh, and if you happen to have some window problem near Budapest, don’t forget to call Rudi.