If you are reading this, chances are you followed our breadcrumbs on the social media. Congrats! This means that you already stepped halfway through our virtual entrance.

We are looking for a person to help us, with our conference live streams.

The job includes:

  • Preparation of a streaming page with our easy to use content management system
  • Monitor streaming page during live event
  • Control speaker program and presentation slides during live event
  • Trim video footage after event
  • Update streaming page with the trimmed footage

Technical requirements:

  • Reliable internet connection with decent bandwidth
  • Good computer configuration

Needed skills:

  • English — not fluent, but we do need you to be comfortable with both writing and speaking.
  • Basic to advanced video editing skills
  • Team spirit

Last but not least, you definitely need to have a problem solving attitude!

You can see an exemplary streaming page with a VOD, following this link: Crowdfunding by MyMicroInvest

If you want to bring this to the next level, drop us a line at: hello@weareevermore.com

Counter countdown…15…10…5…We are live!