We Are (becoming) EVERMORE

We created Barouh and Partners almost 10 years ago, in December 2006 to be exact.

We went to all the classic small company periods: we never said no to any client and any requirement, we offered a wide (any) range of services, we accepted unrealistic deadlines and budgets; We basically tried it all.

We believe that we made an enormous progress as individuals and as a team in those years. Our current team is the best we ever had, every single person is special and makes a super valuable contribution to who we are. We are quite picky when it comes to HR and being a good professional is not good enough. We want our co-workers to have similar system of values.

When we named the company Barouh & Partners we had no clue what we were going to do on the long run and decided to copy a group of people that mentored us since the beginning. They don’t like the spotlight but then know who they are. Shout out to S84.

With time we thought that our name sounds like the name of an accounting company or a law firm. We have been trying to rename ourselves in our free time for the last 3 years.

We also tried to have different versions of our website and they all failed. This time we decided to change the approach. We gave the whole project to SCRUM Master B with almost complete freedom. The only guidelines that we gave him is that one of the common denominators that we all have is the love for being outdoors and lately more and more in the mountains.

So today we are happy to announce our renaming to EVERMORE
Most of the credit for it goes to Balázs who came up with the name, the design of the site and the original idea for the logo concept which was fine tuned by our friend and collaborator LP and coded by Sve.

We are very happy with it and wanted to share it with our friends. We have more ideas on how to take it further so this is only the beginning.