Working remotely from Varna

This is not the first time that I write about this topic so please check my previous post if you want to know more.

Cubo — still my favourite place for working from Varna

I travelled for a week to Varna 2 weeks ago. 
I tried both official co-working spaces and 2 other locations. 
I didn’t care about internet as I have a good mobile plan. 
I tried not to eat twice at the same place. 
I tried to do some sports.

Accommodation: I usually use Airbnb in cases like this one but this time a friend offered an acoomodation.

My morning would start with having breakfast and taking my daughter to school. Straight after I would go to the gym of a spa located close to the school. I tried working from their restaurant but it was too hot and after a few hours I left.

On the first day I worked from Start Up Center where they gave me a room to myself and I spend the day there. It was ok, but nothing special and a bit cold other than that they were really nice. I think the nicest thing is the location. It’s right in the center of town literally 300m from the sea which can be a huge advantage in the summer.

I had lunch randomly at a place called Delikatesen which had some cooked dishes to choose from and price/quality was fine.

On day 2 I tried The Tea House which is very nicely decorated and had a pleasant vibe but I was unlucky with 2 mothers and their toddlers who pierced through my headphones and made it difficult to concentrate. I recommend checking the place in any case its worth the trip. I had lunch at Restaurant Musala just next door where the food was great but on the expensive side. I am also not a huge fan of the interior.

Day 3 I tried Beehive which is another co-working space. It is located a bit further from the center but still in walking distance. It is on the 5th floor of a building, with a nice view and the people there were very nice with me and didn’t charge me since I was there for only half a day. 
It has an industrial design look and was very lively. I had no time for lunch on that day.

Day 4 I went to Cubo and I have to say that it still is my favorite place to work in Varna. Vibe is nice, music is nice, I can always find a good spot to sit and the view is unbeatable. 
For lunch I went to Bistro Europe which I know from a previous visit and I kind of like it. It is a bit more expensive than normal places but I believe that the price difference is worth it.

I hope this can help other people on the move.